Custom Body Work

This is not your usual generalized Swedish or full-body massage. I believe limiting a session to one type of technique falls short of  providing optimum results. Mixing modalities affords me the flexibility to provide services specific to your immediate needs versus the cookie-cutter, repetitive experience you may have come to expect from massage salons and spas, where therapists are trained to provide a set routine and consistent experience for all. But massage is not a one-size-fits-all experience; it should be customized to each body’s unique needs.

In our session, you can expect questions about your specific needs, clarified pressure preferences, and in-depth injury and trauma history as part of your overall assessment. There will be clearly defined goals for each session, whether it be support for a healing injury, general pain relief, or stress release and relaxation. I take great care in helping you obtain your wellness goals in each of our sessions.

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